Rivos has not yet revealed details of its products or technology publicly. Rivos is developing a complete solution encompassing silicon, platform and software:

  • Optimized chips combining RISC-V CPUs and a Data Parallel Accelerator (a GPGPU optimized for large language models and data analytics). The tight integration of CPU and parallel computation sharing a uniform memory across DDR DRAM and HBM is ideal for today's models and databases that need terabytes of memory.
  • A reference multi-chip OCP Modular Hardware System (DC-MHS) server following the M-DNO guidelines.
  • A full firmware-to-application open software stack. A UEFI and Linux base supports standard frameworks (such as PyTorch including eager mode, JAX, Spark, and PostgreSQL). This allows applications and models to be recompiled and not need re-design.

This enables users to seamlessly deploy Rivos products and immediately start benefiting from best-in-class performance for time-to-insights, and power efficiency for market leading perf/watt, throughput, and reduced total cost of ownership.

AI Hardware
Open Source
Rivos is a strong believer in supporting the open ecosystem and driving standards. Its engineers are helping enhance the RISC-V ecosystem by leading several key initiatives at RISC-V International and also working closely with open source RISC-V software developers through the RISC-V Software Ecosystem RISE initiative. With security as a foundational pillar, Rivos is integrating a RISC-V based root of trust solution, OpenTitan, directly into its system silicon.
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